The Acclerated Portfolio Investing Program (8 Modules) shows you how to create an investment portfolio that maximises your returns suitable to your circumstances, skills and risk profile. It demonstrates how you can secure a regular passive income to cover your living expenses while controlling the risk to you and your family.

Module 1 covers Step 1 Define Where you want to End up. This is where you get to dream big, define your financial vision, specify your goals. Effectively to work out how you want your future life to be.  You will clarify how reliant you are prepared to be on active investing and how much passive income you will need at different stages of your life.

Module 2 is Assess where you are now. You get to face up to your current reality and identify if anything is holding you back. You will look at your assets, liabilities and expenditure to know exactly your current financial position. For any properties you currently own, you will use the property assessment template to understand exactly how its performing and decide if its contributing to your future of freedom. You will clarify your strengths and weaknesses, to give you insights into what investing activities are most suitable to your future. Finally you get to assess your own skill against a list of key skills and infrastructure beneficial for successful investing.

Modules 3, 4 and 5 are all about creating your own investing plan. You will use your understanding of your where you are now to select your most appropriate next steps. You will be introduced to the basics of running renovation projects, development projects and land subdivisions as well as how to get started on investing in other peoples projects. We will look at the pros and cons of each approach with some tips to get started. You can now select a strategy that has a best fit to your own strengths. You can choose to put effort into the strategy that is most likely to be successful for you.  In addition we will cover how to create an overall plan and a 5 year plan as well as understanding evolving plans for the future.  

Module 6 covers Step 4 Measuring Success. We cover my top measures and how to calculate and track progress with these measures.  You can then work out which measures to implement for your portfolio enabling you can judge how well you are progressing.  Knowing your progress provides an opportunity to work out any actions you need to resolve emerging issues, and to further leverage developing skills.

Module 7 is about Managing Risk. This is where you identify any of your worries or fears and decide up front on how to prevent these problems from happening. This approach to Managing Risk delivers you the confidence to spring into action.  Many investors procrastinate with uncertainty and hesitation over everything that could go wrong.  Quantifying the risk involves brings the risks into perspective enabling you to take action.

Module 8 is on the topic of Iteration and the Business of Investing. This is a skill for life and iteration enables you to continue to enhance your skillset and improve your portfolios performance. We discuss how you take your transactional investing into the business of property investing. Its about getting your money to work hard so you do not have too!

The Accelerated Portfolio Investing program can launch you on your path to financial freedom, yet it only costs $497.


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