A Portfolio Approach to Property Investing



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Financial freedom is the goal of many, whether it be for retirement or to escape the rat race earlier in life.

I have achieved this goal in my early 40’s. I have now been living off my property portfolio for over 10 years. It has not been all smooth sailing but a journey of learning, experimentation and change, made more interesting by economic turbulence.


A Portfolio Approach to Property Investing webinar designed to share as much information as possible to enable you to ensure you get the results you need to create a 6 figure income from your investing. The portfolio approach ensures you identify and balance differing levels of risk and measure the results you are getting from each investment. By measuring your results and repeating your successes you can reduce your capital needs by a quarter to enable you to step away from your day job. Step into financial freedom with a plan, to enable you to receive a regular income that meets your lifestyle expectations.


The Acclerated Portfolio Investing Program (8 Modules) shows you how to create an investment portfolio that maximises your returns suitable to your circumstances, skills and risk profile. It demonstrates how you can secure a regular passive income to cover your living expenses while controlling the risk to you and your family.


“Julie helped me to become really clear on what actions I need to take immediately, in order to achieve my longer term wealth and lifestyle goals. Her compassionate approach allowed me to be realistic about what needs to be done now and to see that it’s possible for me to build wealth and cashflow moving forward. Thank you so much Julie!”

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